Guayaquil, the Pearl of the Pacific


José Joaquín Olmedo International Airport (North of the City)

Average Weather

28 degrees centigrade

Events Center

Guayaquil has a very important Convention Center with a max capacity of 4000 people, multiple spaces in hotel rooms, green spaces and emblematic places in the city, that are perfect for the development of any kind of events.
Guayaquil´s hotel infrastructure has transformed the city into a great center of touristic development. A very important part of this investment has been directed towards the construction and remodeling of hotels as a way of attracting major international events.

Guayaquil is the biggest and most populated city in Ecuador, and a very important business center. It is located in the Gulf of Guayaquil, a main geographic feature in South America. It is a vibrant city that offers a wide range of activities to visitors and residents, and beautiful attractions such Barrio de Las Peñas, Cerro Santa Ana, Parque Centenario, Malecón 2000 among others.




2,6 million inhabitants

How to get there

By air or land


The typical food is mainly composed of seafood, fish, plantain and rice. There is also international cuisine and franchises from other countries.

What to do

Guayaquil has emblematic places such as Las Peñas, Malecón 2000 and other important places to go out to walk or get to know. There are also museums and other interesting sites to enjoy.