With the slogan “Ambato lights colors of joy” the launching of the sixty third edition of the Festival of Fruit and Flowers 2014, the most cheerful and colorful festival for Ambato.

The Central events of the Festival of fruits and flowers to be carried out from January 18 to March 4, 2014, will be marked by a special uniqueness, since the traditional celebration of Carnival with water and foam was changed in that city, so now, people present parades, performances, lectures, fairs of typical dishes, sporting events, craft exhibitions and serenades.

On September 18 2009, the Ministry of Culture declared the Festival of Fruits and Flowers as Intangible Cultural heritage of the Ecuadorian State. This year, the Standing Committee of Parties scheduled, as it is already usual in the city, around 70 free official events, which are distributed in cultural, sporting, touristic and popular themes that stimulate national and foreign tourism.


Source: Ministerio de Turismo