Cuenca, Santa Ana de los Cuatro Ríos


Mariscal Lamar Airport, in the city

Average Weather

15 degrees centigrade

Events Center

Cuenca is an ideal city for holding national and international events, with a Convention Center, hotel lounges and a quality hotel infrastructure to attract events, seminars or business meetings for up to 500 participants. There are also a representative number of food and drink establishments that offer a very appetizing gastronomy, and a large airport for frequent internal flights.

Cuenca has proper infrastructure to events and business meetings, also exists a representative number of food and drink establishments where people can find local gastronomy and a wide airport with many frequent domestic flights.




500,000 inhabitants

How to get there

By plane or land


Mote (a sort of cooked corn) is the ingredient that is eaten and served with meat, vegetables and potatoes. There is also a wide range of international cuisine.

What to do

Cuenca´s old town is recognized for its architectural treasure, where you can visit 17 churches and cloisters, and also enjoy the sweets prepared by the nuns, famous for their flavor and tradition.